Be Prepared for your Test

Preparing for your motorcycle test is a must and should not be brushed off. The testing process has 3 steps to it. Step 1 is basically test 1, this includes a collection of multiple choice questions and step 2 is the second test which involves a hazard perception section. Both steps are vital and must be completed or you will need to take the whole test again.

Step 1 – Multiple Choice

This test contains 50 multiple choice questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the theory of driving. The pass threshold for this test is 43 correctly answered questions. You have approx. 57 minutes to complete the test.

Step 2 – Hazard Perception

This test is designed to see your ability to judge potential driving hazards and dangerous conditions. The test involves watching 15 seperate video clips. Every clip contains a potential hazard that you need to find, however 1 clip is tricky and includes 2. The test is marked based on 75 answers, each video is worth 5 points or marks. You need 44 out of 75 in order to pass.

Have All The Necessary Documentation with you!

Before you can take the written, visual and physical driving tests you will first need to provide valid documentation, this consists of a DL 196, theory test certifcate, Module 1 passing certificate and your student license. After you have been taken through the motions of the preliminary testing, you are then able to apply for the driving part. You will receive a testing date appointment, this is your opportunity to show the instructor you have the skills to be a fully licensed motorcycle driver. Below is what you can expect during the driving part of the test.

The Motorcycle Driving Test

This test consists of 2 parts. First part you will need to complete the following:

1. 2 braking manoeuvres (minimum), this will include the use of your emergency brake.

2. 2 high-speed manoeuvres (minimum) (approx. 19 mph) and an obstacle exercise.

3. 2 slow-speed (minimum) manoeuvres including the slalom manoeuvre.

Part 2 is an eye test, road safety questions and a 30 minute road ride. The instructor will choose the right or left side to test you from on the course.

So what we are saying is basically, practice and study the rules and concepts of handling a motorcycle safely and you will become a fully licensed motorcycle driver in no time.

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