Buying a 2nd Hand Motorbike

If you’ve just passed your bike test and you’re looking for a bike to buy, make sure once you’ve given it a good once over that you ask for a test ride.

The seller may ask you to leave the asking price in cash or a deposit. This is why it makes sense to take someone with you and they can stay with the seller whilst you have a test ride. If the seller is reluctant to let you ride it alone you must at least get a pillion ride.

The team at A1 have pulled together a check list of things you should look out for when purchasing a 2nd hand motorcycle:

• Don’t dive in and buy the first bike you see, shop around and if you have someone you can take with a good knowledge of motorcycles then all the better.
• Things to check for on the test ride is a smooth acceleration, good performance from the bike and no surprises in the handling.
• Make sure the bike doesn’t pull to one side or the other and that it steers smoothly. You can do this by holding the bars very lightly on a straight, quiet road.
• Try your best to listen for any strange noises or vibrations.
• When on the move – check gears, clutch and brake operation as well as things like the speedo and the rev-counter.
• Know about the models of bike you’re going to see.
• Check all electricals, lights and switches etc
• Is the bike straight and clean? Look down centerline, and down the forks. Look out for twists etc

The best advice we can really give on the subject is, do your homework, and if possible take along someone who knows about bikes and how they work. No amount of homework and questions can make it for experience.

Good Luck and stay safe