Driving in the Snow – Top Tips


For many motorcyclists, winter seems to be the worst season for riding. However, it needn’t be so. With some smart safety precautions in place, you can enjoy your ride thoroughly.

One of the best ways to be prepared for winter riding is to enrol in an efficient motorbike riding safety course. This equips you with the skills and techniques to make your winter riding extremely safe and enjoyable.

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Here are some safety tips to ensure the best riding experience during winter:

Protect Yourself with the Right Clothing and Accessories

Wear lighter clothing underneath your winter coats. While the winter clothing protects you from the cold, the lighter fabrics underneath prevent excess sweating and overheating of the body. Complete your winter riding gear with good quality woollen socks, riding gloves, a scarf and goggles.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

Inspect your motorcycle’s tyres for air as they tend to lose pressure quickly during winter. Check if the brakes are in good condition. Repair any exposed brake parts immediately as they can be corroded by road salt, which eventually will affect your ride.

Check your mirrors for deposits of ice and snow. Clean them thoroughly for a clear view.

Check your engine’s condition. Consider investing in specialised winter accessories such as a compact generator, which can help restart dead and cold engines.

Ride with Discipline

Ride slower than you would during normal weather conditions.

Avoid adventurous moves such as hanging your hands on the handles instead of gripping the handlebars. Avoid changing lanes suddenly, especially when other vehicles are around.

Do not make multiple moves simultaneously. For example, don’t accelerate while you are taking a turn – take the turn first and then accelerate. Also, avoid braking and steering simultaneously as it can result in skid-and-fall accidents, especially when you’re manoeuvring turns.

Avoid Compacted Snow

Compacted snow is snow that has been ridden over by vehicles a few hours earlier. As a result, this snow is hard and extremely slippery. To prevent exposure to this risky situation, avoid following tracks that have already been used by other vehicles.

You do not have to sacrifice your joy of riding for fear of winters. Be smart and prioritise your safety to enjoy an exciting motorcycle ride.

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