Getting Ready to Learn

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The thrill of riding a motorcycle is unmatched. It’s a skill that brings you the freedom to go anywhere you want to go. So, are you all set to take up the challenge of riding a motorcycle?

Tips for Learning to Ride:

Get some training – at A1 Motorcycle Training School, we have successfully trained hundreds of thousands of people in riding a motorcycle safely. All our instructors are qualified and skilled. Learning from a good instructor can go a long way in gaining confidence as a motorcycle rider. So, when you need motorbike training in the North East, get in touch with us.

Post training – here at A1 Motorcycle Training all our staff are RoSPA Advanced Gold certificate holders and deliver advanced post training.

Ride like no one can see you – a motorcycle is quite small when compared to a car or a truck. Do not assume that car drivers can see you. Assume that a car driver is wired to do something silly. Prepare for the worst and plan accordingly.

Look far ahead – you don’t want any surprises when you ride. So always look far down the road and anticipate. The best motorcycle riders anticipate things before they happen. When they see vehicles waiting at an intersection, they slow down, and they have the brakes covered & ready to break. They see a truck backing out of a ramp and move right, long before the truck can emerge – they stay out of blind spots.

Don’t take a passenger – avoid taking a passenger until you are comfortable and confident riding on your own. Riding with a passenger completely changes the dynamics of riding a motorcycle.

Tips for Preparing Yourself to Ride

It is important to be fully prepared when you are learning to ride a motorcycle. These are some essential things you should do:

Get your license – there are a variety of routes you can take to procure your motorcycle license. It all depends on your age, the type of motorcycle you want to ride and the type of license you might already have.

Buy the right gear – invest in a good quality helmet, face and eye protection equipment, gloves, and a pair of sturdy boots.

Learn the controls – before you can ride, you must know all the basic controls on a motorcycle. Become familiar and practice to ensure you are not confused when it’s time to ride. So, have a good understanding of how the clutch and the gearshift levers work, which button turns on the signals and the headlights, and which is the rear brake and the front brake.

Learn from the Best

We don’t just provide motorcycle lessons in the North East, we specialise in instilling confidence and the right attitude to turn our trainees into good riders. Get in touch with us today for professional and reliable motorcycle training in North East.