Insurance Savings - Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Like most motorcycle riders you’ll probably find that every year when your annual insurance renewal comes in it has increased from the previous year.

Well now you can do something about it by enrolling with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which is a road safety charity The Skill For Life course which they run culminates in an advanced motorcycle test.

Pass this and the qualification is recognised by a number of insurers in todays market.

For the reasonable price of £139.00 the package includes as much tuition (in the form of observed rides) as you will need, the cost of the test itself and the IAM annual membership.

You also get copies of Roadcraft which is a manual explaining the police system of motorcycle control, How To Be A Better Rider, which is IAM’s own manual and a copy of the Highway Code for good measure.

For more information please visit and you can also find introduction video on youtube