Keeping your Bike Safe!

FACT – 80% of bikes are stolen from the owners property.
FACT – A bike is more than twice as likely to be taken than a car.
FACT – In the UK 100 motorcycles are stolen everyday.
FACT – 60% of bikes that have been stolen end up broken for parts and never recovered.

In the UK one of the major problems for bike owners is theft. Organised gangs are operating in all areas and statistics show that more than half of thefts take place at the owners home. You can reduce your chances of being part of this statistic by simply fitting a security device for your bike, this could be a bike alarm, motorcycle security system, ground anchor, tracker or even just a bike lock/chain.

We suggest you guys seriously invest in a decent security system or maybe even start putting your bike in the garage, if you have one, every pre caution you take will ultimately lead to you getting the most out of your motorcycle and stop these thieves from attempting to take your belongings.