Motorbiking in the European Union

If you’re looking to take a motorcycle tour across Europe, a worthwhile experience, it’s worth keeping in mind how licensing laws across those states apply to you.

For the most part EU driving license laws are much the same across the various countries. Motorcycles are categorised into A, A1, and A2 categories based on power, as well as age and experience of the driver. AM is also a sub-category for sub-50CC scooters and mopeds. A1 covers 125CC and below vehicles, A2 covers vehicles not exceeding 35KW and A covers all else. There are age requirements across these, though as UK has the highest within EU as long as you’ve taken your test in the UK you fit the age requirement. If you have passed a compulsory basic training test then you are covered for A1 and AM categories of vehicles within EU states. If you’re unsure then your driving license will state on the back which classes you are able to drive.

If you’re looking to ride your own motorcycle across Europe then make sure your insurance covers it. Plenty of insurance providers are able to cover you for short-term amounts ranging up to 28 days, though some might require you be a license holder for a minimum time period, usually twelve months, so don’t get any plans to pass your CBT then zip along the streets of Milan.