Safety in Wet Weather!

One of the main things to think about before riding a motorcycle is safety, especially in wet weather. We at A1 Motorcycle want to ensure that the utmost care and attention is paid to the roads and your surroundings within these conditions, that is why we have put together a little article on staying safe in wet weather.

Anyone who rides, or has ridden a lot, in the rain can easily take the experience for granted. A more senior rider would look at the wet weather the same as many car drivers do and think its only a bit of rain. In other words the rain just isn’t thought of as a major thing with an experienced rider.

This is not always the best approach to take, safety awareness is a big part and should be thought through thoroughly. These days modern motorcycle tyres provide very good traction in wet-weather, in reality thought its the roads that aren’t ideal for the conditions. There can be any kind of debris, oil or gas that will increase traction in warm weather but once they are wet they can significantly reduce traction.

Other aspects that can effect any riders wet-weather experience are, plastic road lines, painted road markings, metal gratings, wooden bridges, manhole covers and steel construction plates. When wet, the items we previously listed are extremely slippery surfaces and if seen on the roads or wherever you are riding, should be approached with ultimate caution.

A few points to think about when riding on wet roads:

Try not to brake when you are turning or leaning, brake before you are about to turn.

Give yourself a bigger distance for braking

Allow larger gaps of space between the traffic in front and behind

Be wary of drivers with bluetooth headsets or handsfree mobile kits for their car, they are less likely to be alert to their surroundings.