Tips for Riders

1. Place a small dab of washing up liquid on the inside surface of your helmet visor. Rub it well until clear and it should reduce fogging.

2. WD-40 really is a great invention and has far more uses than the ones its intended for. To prevent bugs and insects sticking to the front of your bike spray a clean rag with WD40 then wipe down the front of your bike, headlights and leading edges of the handlebars, etc.

3. Oven cleaner is great for getting rid of boot marks on chrome exhaust pipes but be careful NOT to get any on paint areas unless you fancy forking out for a respray. A good idea is to mask off any painted surfaces with card or thick brown paper to ensure that the only place it touches is the pipes.

4. Leather jacket starting to smell inside? Fabreeze fabric spray works wonders. Spray lightly then hang the item so it’s open and leave to dry.

5. Zippers becoming stiff and difficult? A small dab of wax up and down the teeth can work wonders, a great tip for these cold winter months when you find yourself fumbling about with frozen hands.

If any of our readers out there have any useful riding or cleaning tips that they’d like to share with the rest of the readers we’d love to hear from you.